Sew for Charity

I have talked about my passion for sharing my knowledge in quilting and my charities that I love quilting for. The Linus Connection and The Jeff Gordon Foundation are where I devote my time to.  I am sharing this pattern with you to help motivate you in joining a charity to donate your time or fabrics to help out people in need.  If you don’t have a a favorite charity, come and join me and the gang! Break out those scraps and start sewing!

“Linus and his Scrappy Blanket” pattern – Enjoy!

Here are some pictures from one of our Linus Connection meetings done by volunteers.

Osie Linus  Osie Linus Pattern pic

Osie Linus Pattern pic 2 Osie Linus Pattern pic 1

A New Year’s Wish


 “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” – Zig Ziglar

I have to say when I saw this quote it really got me thinking……I have a lot to start! So with the great words of wisdom from Zig himself, get up and start those projects and you too shall be great!

I hope each and everyone of you have a safe and Happy New Year’s, get out there and be GREAT!

Happy Thanksgiving


Just wanted to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with all the special people in your life. With the long holiday weekend maybe you can squeeze in some time to stitch.

Thanks for following,

Osie Lebowitz

It’s My Turn!

I am so excited to be a part of the Reclaimed West blog tour with Timeless Treasures. Not only is it a fabulous line, it really takes me back to my roots. I was born and raised on a farm and I am always looking for classic prints to take me back to my childhood memories. When  I was asked to design a pattern around this fabric I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. When I saw the colors and prints my childhood memories came flooding back to life and inspiration just hit me. I love all of this fabric collection, but I would have to say I have a few favorites.

JN-C2902-Meadow-450x450   JN-C2899-Beige1-450x450   JN-C2913-Blue-450x450

JN-C2902-Meadow brings back memories of the early mornings. We would always have to wait for the morning dew to burn off before the field work could begin, but don’t worry, mom always made sure there were other chores to be done while we waited. JN-C2899-Beige reminds me of the smell of the fresh hay and watching the cattle gather at the fence waiting for my dad to arrive with their feed. With all of the fabulous prints to pick from, JN-C2913-Blue, one of my go to colors, it reminded me of the cool summer night skies where you could see miles of stars

At night, the country sky is so incredible, so large and amazing as it is filled with stars, which was the inspiration for the star block in my quilt. The summer nights are my favorite along with the long winters we had up north are the reasons why I have a passion for quilting. So for me, marrying the two seasons just seemed to be the right way to go. I love the way the snowball block has a large center that features the prints in the collection.  Here is my pattern “Prairie Skies” that I designed using “The Reclaimed West” Collection by Judy Niemeyer for Timeless Treasures. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.


Click HERE for the Prairie Skies free pattern download designed by Osie Lebowitz.

Here are a few tips and techniques that I used for making the star block in my quilt.

So I don’t usually promote buying a whole bunch of tools. I like to be able to use what I have on hand, but with that being said, I highly encourage buying and using the Tri-Rec Ruler toolfor making this star block. It is very accurate, quick and easy for cutting and piecing the star points.  Make sure you refer to the free pattern download for the cutting instructions.


Here are a few examples of using the Tri-Rec ruler:


(Be careful when cutting JN-C2912-Lake is directional) Using the Tri portion of the Tri-Rec ruler line up the top of the triangle while lining up the 4 1/2″ line with the bottom of the fabric, this will assure accurate cuts. Now cut on both sides of the triangle, flip the Tri ruler 180 degrees and re-align. Continue cutting from the strip (see pic 2 below) this will maximize the fabric.


Picture 2



Using JN-C2909-Ivory be sure to leave the 4 1/2″ strip folded selvage to selvage wrong sides together. Using the Rec portion of the ruler, line up the top of the triangle while lining up the 4 1/2″ line with the bottom of the fabric, this will assure accurate cuts. Cut on both sides of the Rec ruler then flip the ruler 180 degrees and continue cutting (See pic 4). Remember, by cutting 2 layers with wrongs sides together you will be cutting an equal number of left and right pieces for star points. **Note: See info on picture**



Picture 4



Lay out the block. There is a left and a right to all star points.


sewn point

Flip star point on top of center piece right sides together and aligning the edges. This is where the small extra angle comes in. Refer to photo and align the small cut angle. Sew an exact 1/4″ seam and press the seam towards the star point.


sewn and adding point

Repeat for second star point.

finished point

Your finished star point will measure 4 1/2″ square unfinished. Repeat 3 more times.


finished block

This is the 12 1/2″ unfinished square.

I hope these tips help you in making your star block.  Follow the instructions in the free pattern download for the directions in making the snowball blocks.

Don’t forget to enter the drawing HERE, and dont forget to check out the other blogs below for some more fun!

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I hope you enjoyed The Reclaimed West Blog Tour. Thanks for following!

Osie Lebowitz


Reclaimed West Blog Tour by Timeless Treasures

I have been given an awesome opportunity to participate in a blog tour hosted by Timeless Treasures to celebrate the release of Judy & Judel Niemeyer’s first-ever fabric line, The Reclaimed West.  Go on over to Timeless’s blog and check out this incredible line.

There will also be a fabulous opportunity to win some very awesome prizes, all you have to do is go click on this link Here at SewTimeless starting November 17th. This giveaway will be open for all five days of the blog tour.  Three lucky winners will be selected randomly on Monday, November 24th.

Talk about some major loot! Check out what three lucky quilters will win…..AWESOME!

blog-tour-prize-package (1)reclaimed west collage

  • One fat eighth bundle of the entire Reclaimed West collection (24 pcs)
  • One 52 piece charm pack of the Reclaimed West Collection
  • One Braided Table Runner pattern by Quiltworx/Judy Niemeyer
  • One Geese in the West pattern by Cindi McCracken
  • One Reclaimed West book mark and bag tag set from Quilt Dots
  • One Spool of coordinating thread from the Reclaimed West  designer thread set from Aurifil.

Here are the links for everyone participating in this blog tour. Each day there will be three new postings for you to go and check out what they did with this incredible line, “The Reclaimed West”.

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November 19

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November 20

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November 21

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Timeless Treasures, SewTimeless (Giveaways!)

“Forest Frolic”

I have been wanting to design a vertical quilt for a while now but I never came across any fabric that really inspired me.  When Timeless asked me to design a quilt around the “Forest Frolic” collection it just seemed to click.

I loved the whimsical design of the forest creatures and just featuring them in the vertical panels really brought them to life. Timeless Treasures “Sketch” fabric adds just an additional punch that works so well this line and many more.

Give this pattern a try with modern or traditional fabrics as well.  You can find the link under the pattern section.



Zuzu Designed by Me!

As you know I am a pattern designer for Timeless Treasures and I am happy to announce two new projects that you can down load for free.  Who doesn’t love free right? Right!  I love being able to use my creative juices but it just makes it easier when you have wonderful fabrics to inspire you from.

First up is Zuzu by Alice Kennedy. The fun and whimsical flowers paired with the zebras made it easy to design around.  I chose to use a large block to really showcase this fabric line and having the pop of red just added to the flair.  I loved the fact it was black, cream and red, these colors remind me of my dear friend Becky.


Follow this link from Timeless Treasures to be able to download the free pattern.

I’m Published!

This is an exciting time for me today.  The book “Pick Up A 6-Pack” by Timeless Treasures is out and my pattern made the book.  I have been designing patterns for Timeless Treasure for awhile now, but it sure is fun to see it in a book that will reach many quilt stores and customers.  Pick up your copy at your favorite quilt store today.